1. I haven’t gotten my period yet but home pregnancy tests keep coming up negative, what does that mean?
A. It may be too early to be taking a home pregnancy test, wait a few days or visit your doctor for a blood test.

2. How bad is morning sickness going to be?
A. Every woman has a different experience. You don’t necessarily throw up and it can come at any time of the day, it could just be a feeling of nausea. In most cases it only lasts from weeks 4-12.
3. What can I do to avoid morning sickness?
A. You can’t avoid it but you can help suppress the symptoms. Keep salty biscuits with you at all times and try sucking on a lemon wedge to ease the nausea.
4. Why am I so tired all the time?
A. Because your body is going through such big metabolic changes, it’s normal to feel completely tired and exhausted for the first 12 weeks. Don’t overwhelm yourself; you will feel the need to sleep an average of 12 hours a day!
5. Why am I making such frequent visits to the bathroom?
A. The increase in blood flow to your kidneys make you have to urinate more often, this is one symptom you can’t really avoid.
6. I have heard fainting can affect me in my first trimester, what do I need to know?
A. Fainting is rare, but if you do faint, be sure you tell your doctor. He may need to check for further signs of anemia or another illness.
7. I have been feeling dizzy lately, should I be worried?
A. You are having an increase of blood supply and changes in your circulatory system, so dizziness is sometimes normal. Lying down will increase blood flow to the brain. It may also be caused by low blood sugar, make sure you eat frequently and eat proteins regularly to even out blood sugar levels
8. Why am I having such terrible headaches?
A. Hormone changes in your body cause these headaches. Ask your doctor if you can take any medicine to help with the pain. You can also try a neck and head massage as well as an ice pack on the back of your neck.
9. I am experiencing constipation, what can I do to avoid it?
A. Include more fiber in your daily diet, such as: whole grains, fruits, vegetables and juices
10. This is embarrassing, but I have to pass gas quite often. How can I treat it?
A. This might be a side effect of constipation. Avoid over-eating gas producing foods like beans, cabbage and onions.
11. Can I exercise during pregnancy?
A. Because each pregnancy is different, you MUST consult your doctor before exercising. Ask about a type of exercise that will work with your pregnancy and lifestyle.
12. My gums are itching and bleeding, should I see a dentist?
A. Your rising hormone levels are the cause again. Switch to a softer toothbrush and keep brushing and flossing as usual every day. Your gums should be back to normal soon.
13. When should I start wearing maternity pants?
A. That answer is different for every woman and pregnancy. Wear them as soon as you feel uncomfortable in your normal pants.
14. What can I do about my swollen feet and ankles?
A. Keep your feet elevated for a while and avoid salty foods. Call your doctor if one leg or foot is more swollen than the other and if your hands are overly swollen as well.
15. I can’t wait to feel my baby move! When will that happen?
A. Your first feeling should fall between 16 and 22 weeks. It might be a kick or just some movement around your belly.
16. I haven’t felt the baby move for a while, should I be worried?
A. If you haven’t felt your baby move in a while, don’t freak out yet. They might be sleeping. Try drinking a glass of cold water or juice and moving around a bit. If you still feel no movement, call your doctor.
17. I heard you shouldn’t color your hair during pregnancy, is that true?
A. There are no scientific studies that can determine that is safe or unsafe to color treat hair during pregnancy. If your doctor OKs it, make sure that the chemicals do not make contact with your scalp and avoid it completely during your first trimester.
18. What foods should I avoid during my pregnancy?
A. Make sure to avoid raw or undercooked meats and fish, soft cheeses like blue cheese and feta and any sliced sandwich meats like pastrami and turkey.
19. What do I need to know about sex during my pregnancy?
A. Some women feel an increase or decrease in their sex drives. Your doctor will advise you based on your individual pregnancy on whether or not you should avoid sex. Otherwise, you should do what makes you feel comfortable. Sex does not hurt the baby and it is normal if your uterus feels tight for a while after sex.
20. What is a birth plan and do I have to make one?
A. A birth plan is a list of preferences you arrange before going into labor. It includes your pain management, breast feeding, circumcision, your stay in the hospital, labor positions and lots of other information. It’s a great idea to

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