Baby First Aid Basics:

ALWAYS have emergency numbers handy. Hopefully you will never need to use them.

  1. Emergency number.
  2. Ambulance.
  3. Your doctor.
  4. Local hospital.

You can Download Our Baby First Aid Kit to help you prepare and buy all what you might need.

  Cuts, Scrapes or Wounds:
  • Wash the area gently with soap and water. Let the water run for a few minutes to remove any dirt.
  • Keep the area moist with antibiotic ointment to speed up healing and avoid the wound sticking to the bandage.
  • Cover with clean gauze or bandage.
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide or any other solution to clean the area. It may damage the skin tissue and slow down healing.
  • Keep the scrapes clean and covered to avoid bacteria and dirt.
  • If you cannot get bleeding to stop or think there is an object or piece of glass stuck in the wound, visit a doctor.
  • Run cool water over the burn for 10 to 20 minutes. *Do not use ice.
  • Remove any jewelry or clothing around the burn. If clothing is stuck to the burn, don’t remove it. Carefully cut around the stuck fabric to remove loose fabric. Remove all jewelry, it may be hard to remove it later if swelling occurs.

If you are going to see your doctor soon:

  • Cover the burn with a clean, dry cloth to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Do not put any solution or medicine on the burned area, so your doctor can properly evaluate your burn.
  • Do not put ice or butter on the burned area, these measures do not help and can damage the skin tissue.
  Swallowing a Harmful Liquid :

Signs of poisoning:

  1. Vomiting
  2. If a baby swallowed something pungent (for example, bleach powdering), then his lips and mouth will be red and inflamed; burn and blisters can appear.
  3. Loss of consciousness.

What to do:

  • Call or visit your doctor immediately for instructions.
  • Do NOT try to make your baby vomit unless a professional told you to do so, Some Liquids can burn the inside linings of the stomach, throat and mouth and will do more damage if you try to induce vomiting. Pick up the container and take it to the hospital with you.
  • Don`t give milk to your baby, as some poisons are
    liposoluble, and fat, contained in milk, can quicken action of poison.
  • Give him activated charcoal solution (3-4 pills
    for a glass of water).
  Swallowing a Small Object:
  • Keep objects small enough to fit in a toilet paper tube out of the reach of your child. This includes toys, coins, stationery supplies, etc.
  • Keep all cleaning liquids and harmful substances in a locked cabinet.
  • Keep all medicines high out of reach.
  • If you can see the object they are choking on in their mouth, try to pull it out. Do not stick your fingers in their mouth blindly; you might push it down further.
  • If your child is coughing loudly, allow them to continue.
  • If your child’s coughing is silent or they can’t breathe in properly, get help immediately.


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